X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap w/ Hurricane Helms – Elite Wrestling Promotion, Hurricane Comments on Enzo Amore, Working on House Hardy Specials, More!

X-Pac welcomes Shane “Hurricane” Helms to the show.

X-Pac begins the discussion by asking Helms for his opinion on the recent David Arquette death match. Helms sent out a tweet after the match saying that he felt Arquette was taken advantage of that night, and X-Pac agrees with that. Helms points out that as a booker/promoter the results of your show are on you, and when you put a identifiable figure like David Arquette in the main event of your show, in a death match nonetheless, that’s taking advantage of the situation.

He doesn’t mean to criticize the entire show or the promotion as a whole, but this one decision was not good. He goes on to say that his point was proven during the match as Arquette had his neck cut open. He points out that Arquette is a genuinely nice guy, and he doesn’t want to see him in those positions. Six months of training is simply not enough to justify someone’s involvement in a death match.

X-Pac asks Helms about “Ready to Rumble”, and his involvement in it. Helms points out that it was a fun film but it doesn’t really paint wrestling fans in the greatest light in hindsight. Helms was shown pictures of people and asked by casting directors if they resembles wrestling fans, and Helms told them they did not. He tried to explain that wrestling fans were just normal people.

Apparently the film’s Director wasn’t a big fan of wrestling and he my have had some pre-existing notions of what the wrestling business was all about. Try as they might, they couldn’t really change his mind about those things during the film’s production.