WWE Reportedly Considering Former NXT Champion For Main Roster Call-Up

WWE has an entire Performance Center of people to pull from for additions to the main roster and it seems like they’re considering bringing up another former champion. Aleister Black was on an undefeated streak roll for the longest time and it brought him the NXT Championship. But even after dropping his title to Tommaso Ciampa, he’s still produced in the ring.

Now it appears that all of that hard work might have finally paid off for the man who use to be known all around the globe as Tommy End.

“Aleister Black, I keep hearing Aleister Black being considered for the main roster,” Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio. 

Not ever former NXT Champion is destined to have an amazing time on the main roster upon their call-up. But some have received great success after making their jump over to Raw or SmackDown. Only time will tell if Aleister Black will be looked for more than his size, but Vince McMahon has all the capability in the world to turn him into a huge star.

With his Black Mass kick finisher and his awesome entrance which makes some fans remember The Brood and the Ministry Of Darkness fondly, he could add something new to the product on either main roster show., The only real question is which brand he would land on and how long McMahon would give him to prove himself and let him get over organically with the fans like he did in NXT.

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