WWE Could Be Planning Big Surprise Return For TLC Pay-Per-View

WWE has a few options to surprise fans and keep us on our toes. The TLC pay-per-view might be a placeholder until Royal Rumble and even more importantly, WrestleMania — but they still need a card for the event. With Braun Strowman possibly out of action due to a recent elbow surgery they might need to come up with another option even though they keep advertising him for the show.

At this point, Bray Wyatt is able to work, but WWE hasn’t called him to appear on television yet. He was backstage at Raw this week, but he obviously wasn’t used. However, that might change on December 16th if they need someone to help out.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that a possible option to replace Braun Strowman could very well be the man who led Braun’s first WWE stable, Bray Wyatt. It was noted that perhaps the angle they ran at Starrcade between Corbin and Wyatt could play out at TLC.

Only time will tell when Bray Wyatt comes back or how exciting it might be if WWE waits for the perfect moment to kill the lights and bring out the fireflies. But TLC would be a fine moment to start his return process. Let’s just hope WWE has more of a plan for Bray Wyatt other than a replacement spot with no real direction after that.