Top ROH Star Likely To Sign New Deal Following Attendance Of WWE Event

WWE is always looking to extend their influence and bring in good prospect that other companies might like to have around. But it looks like they’re not going to be getting former ROH TV Champion Silas Young at this point.

Young was at Raw this week sitting at ringside which we have previously reported, but it turns out that this was more of a visit for strictly entertainment purposes. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Young’s son loves WWE and he simply wanted to attend the event so Silas made it happen.

At this point, it’s not known how Silas Young was able to snag such premium seats for Raw in Milukawee, but he lives in the area, therefore, his attendance was not about business. In fact, ROH reportedly offered Silas Young a new three-year contract and he is expected to sign it.

Therefore, the rumors about Silas Young coming into WWE are just rumors. There is no doubt that a man like Young could make a big difference in WWE if given the chance, but the gamble of giving WWE another fully-developed indie character just to see however they plan to book him might not be worth it.

Silas is obviously happy with ROH and it’s likely he’ll be sticking around Joe Koff’s organization instead of venturing to Vince McMahon’s neck of the woods just yet, at least for the next three years.