SPOILER: Big Name Expected For Return On Raw Next Week

WWE has a lot of people they can use on television but it seems like they have a lot of people out of action for one reason or another. Now it appears you can at least cross Braun Strowman off that list because he’s expected to be back next week.

PW Insider reports that Braun is scheduled to be at RAW in Houston Texas next week. It was reported that the belief is that he will be at the television tapings.

Of course, Strowman is still rehabbing an elbow injury following surgery to get bone spurs removed from his elbow, so he’s not likely to get physical. But at least he’ll be around. Then again, he might shock us all and just start powerslamming heels as his wounds haven’t even fully healed yet.

At this point, Braun Strowman is still slated to schedule Baron Corbin at TLC on December 16th in a match that Corbin has already gloated that he has already won by default.