Reason Why WWE Is Trying Out So Many Different Performance Center Coaches

WWE has a big operation running at the WWE Performance Center and that is only likely to grow even more eventually. Triple H has spoken openly about plans to implement a WWE Performance Center in many different coaches which could turn the planet Earth into WWE’s own pro wrestling territory.

It was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Shane Hurricane Helms will be back in the WWE Performance Center this week as a guest coach. This has become a typical practice for WWE at this point as they bring in people from all over, not just those who had careers in WWE.

WWE is on the search for reliable veterans of pro wrestling who can teach their upcoming Superstars the way to do things properly. With the idea of opening up locations all over the globe, WWE might nee as many ideas as possible as to who is available and where their specific knowledge could be best utilized.

Therefore, bringing in possible coaches for one-week stints in order to try them out is the way they’re going to probably determine who will be best for WWE’s mission later on when they really kick off their global expansion.