Why WWE Doesn’t Need CM Punk’s Return

CM Punk walked out of WWE after the 2014 Royal Rumble and he hasn’t really looked back except during a lawsuit. But as WWE looks to bring in big names to fill a roster, some fans can’t help but wonder if a CM Punk is a possibility.

Although Punk has made it quite apparent before that he’s not coming back, one person wrote into PW Insider Elite audio asking about how Punk and WWE “need each other” which caused Dave Scherer to reply with some insightful commentary.

“Vince does not need CM Punk because whether you like it or not, they have a five-year [TV] deal of big money coming in. You know it gets bigger this time next year but they got the next six years covered. If you can say to yourself I can cover the next six years of my business and cover it really well with a lot of money there’s no urgency at all.”

“So no they don’t need CM Punk. They don’t need to bring in whatever goes along with bringing CM Punk in if anything. They don’t need that. CM Punk, I don’t know if he needs them or not, I don’t know what his bank account is. Certainly for his mental state he doesn’t need them because he still has issues with them, so you know it is what it is, they don’t need CM Punk. And Vince doesn’t make that move anyway. He doesn’t make the person is bigger than the brand move”

If I were a betting man both CM Punk and WWE will be just fine apart as they do their own business. But it would pop a crowd like none other to suddenly hear Cult Of Personality burst out and see Punk make a WWE return in a true “never say never” moment in WWE History.

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