Pete Dunne Reacts To Being Called A Sell-Out Due To WWE’s New Restrictive Rules

WWE UK talents are currently going through a bit of a change. They’re getting more money but now there is a restriction about where they’re allowed to work and it might cause some indie companies a bit of stress in the process.

One fan tweeted out to Dunne saying: “I don’t think you’re truly seeing it from the fans perspective, your only thinking what’s best for Business for your self Pete Dunne, you’re selling out to The Big American Corporation, and forgetting your grassroots.”

The longest running current WWE Champion didn’t like hearing that whatsoever so he just had to comment and not only defend himself but explain exactly what is going on.

“Put 12 years, a countless amount of money and months away from home at a time in an attempt to get your dream job. When you finally achieve your goal and you can also create a great life for your family I’ll make sure to discredit your hard work and tell you you’re a sell out”

“Without the hard work of myself and countless other wrestlers with the goal of signing to a major company there wouldn’t even be a thriving UK scene to begin with. Support independent wrestling and support independent wrestlers as they take the next step in their career.”

Therefore you really need to watch what you say online because you never know if someone like the Bruiserweight will be paying attention. Dunne made some pretty good points in his defense. But in all reality, no matter who’s upset at this situation, it’s not the wrestlers’ faults that they’re in this situation because it was WWE who demanded the exclusivity.