Daniel Bryan Responds To AJ Styles’ Remarks About Missing WWE SmackDown Live This Week

Daniel Bryan is WWE Champion once again but he had to turn heel in order to do so. He explained his actions and is now The New Daniel Bryan. This Daniel Bryan is a much different Daniel Bryan than the Daniel Bryan we once knew even though he apparently had that sweater he wore for nearly two decades.

The current WWE Champion, The New Daniel Bryan recently tweeted out about The Old Daniel Bryan and how he wrestled 227 matches in a calendar year, which is way more than AJ Styles has ever done before in his career in a given year.

But The New Daniel Bryan took it a bit further when he said while still referring to himself in the third person: “Shortly thereafter he needed neck surgery. The New Daniel Bryan is above that sort of masochism.”

This was in response to what AJ Styles said about Daniel Bryan missing SmackDown Live in Minneapolis last night when Styles said: “Daniel Bryan isn’t here. Maybe someone’s been watching RAW and seeing how they do things over there.”

So it looks like the New Daniel Bryan isn’t going to have any time for neck surgery because unlike the Old Daniel Bryan in 2014, the New Daniel Bryan in 2018 into 2019 is above it.