Not everyone can be a main eventer when they jump from NXT to the WWE main roster, but it would definitely help if you can win a title first. No Way Jose jumped up to WWE’s main roster after being the best guy in a house show opening match NXT has probably ever seen. Then he kind of plummeted into obscurity.
Although he did still have his conga line on Raw this week, which is a good sign, he wrestled a match that didn’t mean much against Jinder Mahal which Jose lost. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how No Way Jose’s motivation was obviously gone which certainly affected the way he appeared on television.

“Jose looked kinda rusty. He is working some on the road but he just looked like you know. I can definitely see his motivation has gotta be bottomed out something fierce.”

No Way Jose’s charisma was really amazing in NXT. He would bust out and get the crowd going to kick off live events and even jump the barricade at times and party with the fans before the match even started. But now on the WWE main roster, it looks like old Jose has been replaced by a carbon copy of what he once was. It seems like his conga line even has less motivation at this point.
Only time will tell if No Way Jose will be able to turn it around, but he’s still in great shape and all smiles on social media. He might just be having a rough time at the office losing to Jinder Mahal in under three minutes. But at least he’s still making it out on television and giving WWE a reason to use that intricate lighting effect they have programmed for his entrance.
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