WWE has a lot going on in their storylines and they can’t give everything the same focus. But it looks like WWE has completely forgotten to inform viewers what is going on when it comes to Dana Brooke.
The NXT alum was placed as Titus Worldwide’s statistician and she left Titus and Apollo Crews before the other two members of the stable just disbanded off camera. Now it appears that a once smiling Dana Brooke has transformed once again off-camera from a fun girl in a fetching outfit who knows her numbers to a menacing heel.
Bryan Alvarez asked Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, “Dana’s a heel now?”
“Dana turned heel, yeah” Meltzer responded
“Did I miss or did I forget?” Alvarez questioned which Meltzer responded: “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no you missed nothing. She just turned heel and they never even brought up or asked what she’s doing, she was just there.”
So apparently, WWE didn’t feel the need to explain why they were flipping Dana Brooke’s character to the heel side of the roster. She was just needed for the role and therefore she was plugged into it. Only time will tell if WWE will eventually allow Dana to explain her recent heel turn. But it’s interesting to note that she was working as a babyface in tag team matches during WWE’s European tour last week.
Bryan Alvarez said that he counted the members of the Raw roster and the Women’s Division currently has 5 babyfaces and 9 heels which makes this decision even more puzzling on WWE’s part.
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