Seth Rollins Claims to Be the ‘Best in the World’

One of the highlights from RAW last night was the Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge by Seth Rollins, which was answered by the former Champion in Dolph Ziggler. As we know, Rollins was predictably victorious.

Backstage after the match, Rollins was interviewed. During the interview, he claimed to be the ‘Best in the World’ after defeating Ziggler- who happened to make it to the final of the tournament recently held in Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel. That match had ultimately been won by Shane McMahon, who took the place of The Miz after he was injured in kayfabe.

Rollins had the following to say:

“Oh man. You know what? It wasn’t just a message to Dean Ambrose. It was a message to everybody. I’m not to be messed with. Dolph went out and called himself the ‘Best in the World.’ I love that he thinks that about himself, ’cause then he comes into the ring, he tests himself, and he finds out who the true ‘Best in the World’ is, and Ambrose- he’s been playing mind games. He’s been trying to get inside my head, and I get it. I understand. He’s trying to find an advantage because what he’s gotta do is just watch what I did out there, and he has to understand that at TLC, that’s what he’s got to deal with. I burn it down every night. I am the ‘Best in the World.’ I am a fighting Champion, and Ambrose doesn’t stand a chance.”

Rollins is scheduled to face Ambrose at TLC. The rivalry dates back to the night Roman Reigns relinquished the Universal Championship due to his ongoing battle with leukemia. Rollins and Ambrose had won the RAW Tag Team Championships later in the night before Ambrose turned heel and left his now-former ally lying in the middle of the ring.

Who wins at TLC? Are you enjoying the rivalry between Ambrose and Rollins? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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