Carmella & Michael Hayes Argue About Who Is More Fabulous

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Carmella and R-Truth are having a pretty good time on the road with their dance break gimmick. They have become a fan favorite and plenty of places pop when they make their way to the ring.

We previously reported on a fan who got in the ring and really tore it up during a dance break. This video has gone viral since our report and Michael Hayes even commented on the video.

Hayes replied saying: “Wow, Congrats to the girl who blew away smells and Truth!! Great Stuff!!

“Michael!! Don’t be hating bc I’m more fabulous than you,” Carmella responded.

“Carmella, 20 years after I am dead and gone, I will still b more FABULOUS then U!!! And still do a better MOONWALK,” Hayes replied.

Mella might need to learn to respect her elders, especially if their WWE Hall Of Fame Freebirds.

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