Bobby Lashley Got A New Nickname On WWE Raw This Week

Bobby Lashley’s return to WWE was lackluster at best. It seemed like he got no hype and just appeared on television to a mild response as a returning babyface that most younger fans wouldn’t know especially if they didn’t watch Impact Wrestling. But then WWE seemed to come to their senses as they realized that Lashley works better as a heel.

Alongside Lio Rush, Lashley smells like money and he is money. He also has a very unique pose which is his favorite. But now he has a new nickname which would have been impossible to miss for anyone watching RAW last night.

The announce team referred to Bobby Lashley as “The Almighty” several times during last night’s show. It seems that is his new name as The Dominator moniker hasn’t been used in quite a while. Just don’t tell Lars Sullivan what WWE is calling Bobby now.

WWE is apparently using this new name for Lashley now so we might have to get used to it. But they didn’t seem to use it on their social media therefore, they could be just trying it on for size. But if I were a betting man we might be seeing Bobby Lashley using “The Almighty” nickname for a little bit at least.