Who Is To Blame For WWE Raw’s Creative Direction This Week

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WWE’s RAW show missed the mark in a bunch of ways this week from the Q&A with Sasha Banks and Bayley hosted by Alexa Bliss to the Tag Team Title match that ended when Roode was distracted because his robe got stolen, taken to the bathroom, and then peed on.

PW Insider reports that Vince McMahon was backstage at WWE RAW this week and he was doing his usual style of running things so everything went through him. If you remember all of the worst segments from last night’s RAW, you can thank Vince McMahon because it all went through him.

Therefore, the pee joke where Drake Maverick peed on Bobby Roode’s robe was designed and overseen by Vince.

McMahon might not really care what the fans think at this point, but that won’t stop fans for finding interesting ways to protest their creative direction.

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