Becky Lynch Makes Her Return To WWE SmackDown Live

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Becky Lynch was put out of action thanks to a punch in the face from Nia Jax. It was an unfortunate incident that took Lynch out of her scheduled match against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series. She has been out of action for a bit ever since the go-home show for Survivor Series and she wasn’t in LA for SmackDown last week either. But that changed.

Paige opened up the show by introducing Lynch and she came out looking ferocious. She said that she shows up to fight, but she was stopped.

Becky said “The Man is putting herself back in the game,” so it seems like she’s good to go once again. She immediately got down to business and called out Charlotte Flair, the woman who took her spot at Survivor Series.

Lynch said Flair came close to giving Rousey the beating that she would have given her. Then Becky said it took Charlotte channeling her to beat down Ronda. Flair said she was just being herself and not trying to be anyone else.

Becky called Flair a bootleg and Charlotte said that Nia Jax must have hit her harder than we thought because Lynch is the one who is copying The Nature Boy. Then Flair looked into the hard camera and told Ronda Rousey that she will be seeing her at TLC.

Flair wanted a match with Lynch right then and they were ready to go, but Paige broke it up and then booked Charlotte vs Becky at TLC in a TLC match.

Suddenly, Paige decided to change everything up after the rest of the SmackDown Women’s Division came out and demanded their shot as well. So Paige booked a battle royal which will include the rest of the SmackDown Women’s Roster for later on in the night so the first-ever Women’s TLC match will be a triple threat of Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair vs whoever wins the match later on in the night.

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