WWE Superstar Celebrates 12 Years In The Pro Wrestling Business With An Awesome Message

WWE is the destination for anyone who starts out in pro wrestling but for some, it might be seen as a pipedream. But for others who work hard enough (or have the right connections), they eventually find themselves in their dream job. This is certainly the case for NXT UK star Joseph Conners.

If you remember Conners from his indie days traveling all around the United Kingdom indie scene, then you know how hard he’s worked to make it to WWE. But it all started 12 years ago today and Conners opened up about his journey in a moving Twitter message compete with photos to illustrate his path to WWE.

“12 Years Ago To The Day I Had My Very First Professional Wrestling Match. In that time I’ve been able to travel the world, wrestle the cream of the crop of past & present & now work my dream job for WWE. What a ride its been thus far. Let’s see where the NXT 12 months take me”

Maybe his day will come to hold gold in NXT UK sooner than later. But until then, he’s going to keep working hard and thinking about all the trials he had to endure in order to get him there. Good for Conners, and the next year will be even more fun to watch him continue living his dream.