WWE RAW Results – November 26, 2018

We’re back and get another hype video for the upcoming debut of Lars Sullivan. The announcers refer to him as a “free agent”, which I think means he’ll either be on Raw or SmackDown Live, or there will be some sort of bidding war to get him.

Nia Jax makes her way to the ring, accompanied by Tamina Snuka. Jax holds up her fist while the crowd boos. She says we have a lot to be thankful for this year. The RAW roster is thankful for her being the sole survivor at Survivor Series and leading Team RAW to victory. Jax is most thankful for breaking Becky Lynch’s face. She put Lynch on the shelf with a concussion. Jax says “The Man” was no match for “The Facebreaker.” As for Ronda Rousey, she’s taking her title. Ronda came into WWE on fire, but since then her career has been on a downward trend. Footage is shown of Jax dominating Rousey at WWE Money in the Bank in June. They then show stills of Charlotte Flair’s vicious attack on Rousey. Jax then mocks Rousey with a terrible impersonation. Jax says Rousey’s worst day is coming at WWE TLC. Jax says the top of the mountain belongs to her.

Ronda Rousey’s music hits and the RAW Women’s Champion makes her way to the ring smiling from ear-to-ear – albeit with a big bruise on her face. Rousey says she’ll give Jax credit, and reminds us that Jax won the Battle Royale at Evolution. A “Ronda Rousey” chant fires up and Rousey looks like she might cry. Rousey says Jax is lucky she’s from a warrior culture and that she changed history by becoming the facebreaker. That’s where her luck dries up. Rousey stands guard on top of this mountain. At TLC, she’ll rip Jax’ arm off and slap Charlotte Flair in the face with it. Since Jax is so eager to fight and Rousey was born ready, unless Jax has a date with Tamina, how about they have a match right here and now.

Jax stares at her with fury, while the Milwaukee fans chant “YES”. Jax says they’re not going to do it that way. Rousey tells her to stop making excuses and fight. Jax says she’s just stalling for time. Jax and Tamina stand on both sides of Rousey. Natalya runs down to help, but she’s blindsided by Ruby Riott and her goons!. Rousey runs out and fights them, sending them scurrying to the back. Rousey kneels down to help Nattie, while furiously staring up the ramp.

Finn Balor will take on “General Manager-Elect” Baron Corbin later tonight. Seth Rollins will also hold an open challenge for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Footage is shown of Drake Maverick urinating in his pants at WWE Survivor Series. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable made fun of him on RAW. Later that night, Gable and Roode defeated AOP. They’ll face them for the RAW Tag Team Championships later tonight. We see AOP and Maverick backstage. Drake Maverick says he’s sure the WWE Universe had a real laugh at his expense. 99% of them have never experienced real fear. They’ve never had to look a 7-foot giant in the eye. If they did, they’d probably lose their bodily functions. Maverick will make sure Roode and Gable experience that later tonight. Akam says, “Laugh now.” Rezar says, “Cry later.”

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Charly Caruso is backstage with Bobby Roode and Chad Gable. She asks for their thoughts heading into the match against AOP. Roode says there will be a glorious celebration tonight. Gable says this is the reason they’re teaming in the first place, and that they’re ready, willing, and so on. They make their entrance, followed by AOP.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

(C) Author’s of Pain W/Drake Maverick Vs. Chad Gable & Bobby Roode

Drake Maverick takes Bobby Roode’s robe, distracting him as the referee rings the bell. Akam attacks him from behind and knocks Chad Gable off the apron. Roode fights back, but he can’t take him down with a sunset flip. Roode elbows Akam, but the big man just tosses him to the corner. Akam scoops up Roode, but he slides down his back and tags in Gable.

Gable hits a missile dropkick. Akam turns to his corner and Rezar tags in. Gable punches away at him, but Rezar just knocks him down like he wasn’t feeling it. Gable quickly applies an arm bar over the top rope. Gable hits a head-scissor takeover while Roode tags in. They go for a double-team suplex, but they can’t lift Rezar. One half of the Champions then suplexes the two of them! Maverick is still wearing Roode’s robe and runs to the back with it as we take a break.

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We’re back and AOP are still firmly in control of Chad Gable. Akam connects with a stiff elbow to the jaw of Gable, that looked like it rocked him. Gable slides from the ring and Akam goes out to bring him back in.

Rezar tags in, and Gable DDTs him. We go backstage to see Maverick still wearing Roode’s robe. Roode and Akam tag in. Roode chops him before hitting a dropkick to the knee. Roode shoulders him in the corner before trying for a neckbreaker, but Akam fights out. Akam quickly catches Roode and hits a fall-away slam. Rezar tags in, but he misses a big boot. Roode knocks Akam out of the ring and kicks Rezar in the knee.

Maverick is shown wearing the robe in a bathroom. Maverick takes it off and puts it in the toilet. Maverick stomps it into the bowl and proceeds to urinate on it. As he finishes he says “glorious”. Wow. That’s like a skit from the late 90’s/mid 2000’s.

Meanwhile, in regards to actual wrestling, Roode is knocked into Gable, who flies off the apron again. Akam tags in, and AOP hits their powerbomb/neckbreaker combo for the win.

Winners: Author’s of Pain

Bayley and Sasha Banks are talking backstage when Alexa Bliss walks up to them. Bliss says they’ve never had a chance to get to know each other. Banks says they know all they need to. Bliss says they’ll go out tonight and have an open forum by answering questions from the WWE Universe. Banks and Bayley look skeptical.

Ember Moon makes her entrance, she’ll be in action against Alicia Fox next!

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We return to a handheld promo from Finn Balor. He says Corbin talks about being on the right and wrong side of history. He says if you don’t stand with Corbin, you stand against him. Well tonight, he will prove that Finn Balor is on the right side of history.

We return to see Curt Hawkins join Ember Moon. Apparently they are a team on Mixed Match Challenge, since Strowman got injured, so we get to see them in action before a “playoffs” match tomorrow night.

Ember Moon W/Curt Hawkins Vs. Alicia Fox W/Jinder Mahal W/The Singh Brothers

Fox quickly hits a big boot and applies a chin lock. Moon eventually fights up and powers out. Moon elbows Fox back and hits a tornado snap suplex. Moon hits the Eclipse for the win.

Winners: Ember Moon

Curt Hawkins celebrates like he himself won the match, which is fair considering his gigantic losing streak. No Way Jose makes his entrance – there’s a blast from the not-so-distant past. He’ll face Jinder Mahal, next.

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No Way Jose Vs. Jinder Mahal W/The Singh Brothers

The bell rings and Jinder is off the mark with punches to Jose. No Way fights him off and slams him for a two count. Mahal counters Jose with a kick to the head that floors him. Mahal punches him down and applies a chin lock. Mahal continues to beat on Jose and drops some knees. Mahal hits a suplex for a two count. Jose eventually fights back and hits a sloppy cross-body block. Jose takes Mahal down, but Mahal knocks him off the top rope. Mahal hits the Khallas for the win.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

A replay is shown of Dean Ambrose getting shots at the doctor’s office. Ambrose said he would put Seth Rollins out of his misery.

Seth Rollins will have a WWE Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge next. Not gonna lie, this episode of Raw has been abysmal.

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