Tommaso Ciampa Mocks John Cena & Seth Rollins’ Open Challenge

Tommaso Ciampa claims that he is the hottest champion in the pro wrestling business and if you ask him, he’s got the proof to back up his statement. After all, Ciampa doesn’t hold any open challenges for his title.

Although some might see John Cena and Seth Rollins holding open challenges as proof that they’re fighting champions, Ciampa sees is more giving participation awards which he doesn’t have time for in NXT.

“Cena had the US Title Open Challenge. Rollins has the IC Title Open Challenge. CIAMPA does not, nor will he ever, offer an NXT Title Open Challenge. My NXT Title is the most coveted Title in sports entertainment. You want a shot at The Champ, earn it.#ZeroParticipationAwards,” the NXT Champion tweeted out.

Ciampa is one of the best heels in the business and he continues to prove this online. Although some fans might be excited to see who will face Seth Rollins tonight on RAW, Ciampa obviously isn’t interested.