Rey Mysterio Talks Inspiring Zelina Vega & Others Outside Of WWE

Rey Mysterio has been a focal point in the pro wrestling business for nearly thirty years at this point and he hasn’t hung up his mask yet. He continues on to this day inspiring audiences and entertaining them at the same time. Now he is at a stage in his career where he is being told how much he meant to others who followed his career.

Mr. 6-1-9 recently spoke to Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast where the fact was brought up how much he was an inspiration to Zelina Vega, but Mysterio also discussed how much it means that he is an inspiration to anyone in their life.

“That is a true blessing and I know that Zelina and there’s been many others in this industry who have been inspired by the work that I have done over the almost thirty years of my career and that is nothing but a blessing for me to be able to inspire others that are somehow related in the same way or category that I have been categorized throughout my career. For them to say you know, ‘If Rey did it I can do it too.'”

“And not only in this sport but in life, in general, I’ve had so many people walk up to me at events to tell me that that because of me they succeeded in what they thought they would never be able to do. But because they saw me, that gave them life, that gave them hope, that gave them inspiration and again, that is a true blessing to be able to inspire to inspire other people in life in general.”

Mysterio isn’t done yet, especially with WWE. He recently returned to the company and signed a two-year deal which could translate into many more years to come if they can make it work. He does have the option of not re-signing his deal but the WWE Universe has been more than accepting to have Mysterio back.

It’s not likely that Mysterio will stop inspiring people any time soon, especially with his mindset and work ethic. Because you never know who that little kid in the crowd could grow up to become seeing how many current WWE Superstars have their own stories of being inspired while watching the action go down in the ring at a WWE event.

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