Chasing Glory Recap w/ Rey Mysterio – Wrestling With His Son, WWE Return, Retirement Rumours, More!

Lillian Garcia welcomes Rey Mysterio to the show.

Mysterio points out that as the years go by time seems to go faster and faster. He notes that his son is now 21 years old and is training to become a professional wrestler as well. He’s just finishing a training program with Lance Storm in Canada, and then Mysterio plans on sending him to Houston to train with Booker T.

Mysterio says that people often ask him what’s left for him to accomplish in the business, or if he has any more goals before he retires. He points out that he really wants to step in the ring and wrestle with his son, and once he does that he’ll be able to come full circle and that’ll be a very important moment for him.

He notes that he never forced his son to pursue wrestling. If Dominic chose to pursue wrestling then that’s great but if he went another route, Rey would have been happy with that as well. He points out that his wife studied medicine years ago and now their daughter is studying medicine as well. So in that sense, their son followed Rey’s footsteps and their daughter followed Rey’s wife’s footsteps.