Fan Gets Intense Becky Lynch Tattoo & The Man Approves

Becky Lynch has a ton of passionate fans out there which is one of the reasons why she’s so popular. She obviously realizes how important fan support is to her success in WWE.

One fan recently decided to get a pretty great tribute to Becky Lynch. As you can see, this person is a pretty big wrestling fan because she also has a Matt Cross “Wrestling Is Forever” tattoo as well.

But when you’re looking at the collection of tattoos on this fan’s arm, it’s hard to overlook the cartoon portrait of Becky Lynch with someone in a Disarm Her. We’re just guessing the person in the submission is Ronda Rousey.

Lynch showed her approval by retweeting this awesome piece of skin art. So if you do the same and get a tribute tattoo for your favorite WWE Superstar, send them the tweet because they’re likely to give you some love in return.