Neville Sets Record Straight After Fake Account Spread Lies About Why He Left WWE

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Neville walked out of WWE in 2017 and just recently received his release from WWE. He was doing what he could at home and got in even better shape though while being fueled “hate and vengeance.” Therefore, when he made his return at Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling he was good to go.

Plenty of people have commented about how ripped Neville, now known as Pac looks but even more have sought out an answer as to why he left WWE in the first place. After all, he was in a pretty good position as King Of The Cruiserweights, but it was a gimmick that was failing due to WWE pushing Enzo Amore as the Cruiserweight Champion instead.

Now it looks like Neville is speaking out against a fake Instagram account that was trying to give an answer as to why he left. Plenty of people bought this reason as well and it was picked up by many markets in the Internet Wrestling Community.

But at this time, Neville wanted to make sure that everyone knows he does not have an Instagram, as convincing as the account may have been. So it looks like we’ll have to wait even longer for a possible answer from Neville about why he really walked out of WWE. Because the information we thought was legit before turned out to be purposely misleading.

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