WWE’s New Gimmick For AOP Could Mean The End Of Them

AOP used to stand for Authors Of Pain and now it doesn’t mean anything. They had Paul Ellering pulled from their services as a manager as he led them to battle through their destructive run in NXT. But since coming to the main roster, it didn’t seem like WWE had any plans for them and they kicked Ellering to the curb. Then suddenly, Drake Maverick was paired up with Akam and Rezar and they became Raw Tag Team Champions.

Usually, winning the titles is a good thing, but they won titles from Seth Rollins who was fighting on his own. To top it all off, those titles were simply used as emotional bait to get the crowd to pop hard when Rollins and Dean Ambrose won them only to have Dean turn on Seth on the night that Roman Reigns announced he was leaving due to leukemia.

AOP lost last week to Bobby Roode and Chad Gable and then again at Survivor Series as their manager Drake Maverick seems to have taken center stage because of the fact that he peed his pants when Big Show scared him which might have been the real deal.

Fans have started tweeting about “AO-Pee-Pee” to Maverick and he has encouraged them on Twitter by playing along which seems to be the narrative WWE wants to go with at this point.

Lance Storm discussed AOP’s problem on Figure 4 Weekly where he brought up the fact that not only does it look like the urine jokes are going to continue, but it could mean really bad days are ahead for the former NXT Tag Team Champions.

“[Maverick] will survive that the whole, ‘Hey you peed your pants’ angle because he’s a comedy character more often than not. But the AOP depend on… if they’re gonna be tag champs then they need main event heat not comedy intermission heat and AO-Pee-Pee is not gonna do them any favors and seeing Drake Maverick basically encourage the fans to do that is not going to bode well for those two guys in my opinion.”

Hopefully, Authors Of Pain will not only get their actual name back but be able to step out of the shadow of this terrible Survivor Series angle. As Storm said, it’s a fine spot but the Raw Tag Team Champions don’t need to be the ones doing it.

Only time will tell what is next for the Raw Tag Team Titles, but AOP was able to help elevate the NXT Tag Team Titles with the help of some amazing opponents. There are plenty of people WWE could put with them to tell great stories in the ring, and even better ones that have nothing to do with peeing your pants.

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