How WWE Superstar Policy Prohibited Ronda Rousey From Selling A Story

WWE runs a very tight ship and they like things done the way it is planned out to be. After all, there is a whole television production that must hit the right angles and an editing crew working as well. So there are a lot of reasons to do things the same way every time other than just branding.

Lance Storm discussed a problem on Figure 4 Weekly that WWE Superstars are starting to have on television as he used Ronda Rousey as an example. Despite the fact that she took a brutal kendo stick attack from Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series, Rousey was all smiles as she made her entrance which Storm explained.

“The ‘come out smiling’ now her promo was good because she put over the fact that today is probably my worst day because of what happened to me but you know we’ve talked about this before and it seems to be the WWE policy that ‘you do your entrance.’ You so your entrance the exact same way if you’re AJ Lee, you skip to the ring, it doesn’t matter that we Pillmanized your ankle last night, you skip to the ring because that’s your entrance. And you know Ronda did, for the most part, her entrance.”

Storm noted that he would have rather seen her come out in street clothes and looking a little bit more beaten up from the night before. But it eventually worked well enough as she took off her jacket to show off her bruises and they’re still there as well.

It seems that with the tightly blocked-out WWE programming where everything is so scripted that they might be able to figure out that they don’t need to do things the same way every time because in spite of her beatdown on the previous night, Rousey seemed pretty fine on Raw until her promo started. But apparently, that’s WWE’s way.

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