Drake Maverick has been leading AOP into battle ever since WWE figured out that they needed a manager and apparently decided against Paul Ellering. So Maverick was given the spot which means he has to pull double-duty as a 205 Live General Manager and Akam and Rezar’s war strategist.
During Survivor Series though, things didn’t work out the way Maverick and AOP would have liked. Not only was their match squashed in many ways due to the distraction from Enzo Amore as he was getting ejected from the Staples Center while they were in the ring trying to work, but their match also included a spot where The Big Show was supposed to scare the pee out of Maverick — literally.
According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, while it’s not 100% confirmed it’s looking like Maverick had to pull off a physical effect in real life during that embarrassing urine-themed spot as well. The version of the story told to Dave Meltzer is that there was a device rigged to fill Drake’s pants with liquid and appear that he peed himself but it decided not to work.
Apparently, you can see Maverick messing with this mechanism which is what he was doing while fumbling with his pants. But the device failed to perform so Maverick apparently had to take matters into his own hands (in a manner of speaking.”
This is just another amazing thing pro wrestlers will give to their audience because not only are they willing to take bumps in the ring, but they’re also willing to ruin a good pair of pants on the apron as well. But we’re sure that Vince McMahon loved the spot even more, especially if Drake had to do the peeing himself.

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