Sasha Banks Apparently Agrees Nia Jax Is A Terrible Wrestler

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Nia Jax injured Becky Lynch recently and that was a hard pill to swallow for fans. This really threw Survivor Series out of whack and caused a change in what was the most exciting and best-promoted match on the card.

Since injuring Lynch, Nia Jax has been on a roll and bragging about this injury. She’s become the biggest heel on Raw at this point, but as one fan’s sign on Raw explained, people are booing her for the wrong reasons.

This fanmade sign read: “Nia! I feel compelled to stress that we are not booing because of your effective heel work we are booing because you are simply awful,” A meme of the sign blew up and if you pay attention to Sasha Banks’ Instagram likes, she agrees.

Banks was caught liking a photo of the meme and you can see the evidence below. So there might be more than just fans who agree Nia Jax is terrible, unfocused, dangerous, or a combo of all put together.

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