The Jim Ross Report Recap w/ Angelina Love – Survivor Series Thoughts, Rousey’s Seamless Transition, Learning from Billy Gunn, More!

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Ross welcomes Angelina Love to the show

Love mentions that she can remember “Macho Man” Randy Savage hitting the top rope elbow drop on Ricky Steamboat when she was a little girl and she was blown away by that. The Macho Man character really stood out to her as well and that drew her to the business as a young girl.

She was living in Toronto, Canada as a teenager and wanted to start wrestling. She wasn’t even aware of the indie scene in the area back, then but after discovering this she did a photo shoot and sent out feelers to a bunch of promotions. She got busy around the indie scene in Toronto and began training with Eric Young for a few weeks.

She wasn’t sure the business was for her and she was pretty beat up from training, but after stopping for a few weeks she started to miss it and started training again. This time around things started to come more naturally to her.

After spending some time with WWE developmental she felt like she was ready to be on tv. She was called up for a couple of storylines that didn’t pan out and that was disappointing, but it all worked out for the better as she went to TNA and was part of The Beautiful People, which she believes was meant to be all along. She had so much fun at that time, noting that their segments were the highest rated segments on Spike TV most weeks.

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