Full List Of Currently Injured WWE Superstars & Expected Return Dates

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Triple H injured himself during the WWE Crown Jewel main event in one of the opening spots in the main event match. He took a Harley Race bump over the ropes like he’s done 100’s of times before. Only this time he tore his pectoral muscle. He finished out the match in Saudi Arabia, but he was flown right back to Birgimham Alabama afterward where they were ready for him and he promptly had surgery with hopes for a WrestleMania return although that might be cutting it very close due to the time it will take for him to heal.

Fandango suffered a torn labrum and has been out of action since July. He looks to be healing nicely though and his social media has shown him enjoying life while he waits for his medical clearance and for creative to come up with something for him to do.

Matt Hardy’s injuries are due to a lifetime of taking hard bumps. He sent out a tweet a few months ago saying his lower back and pelvis have started fusing togehter. He is currently working backstage in WWE after he wrestled his final contractual obligated match and although he could be done in the ring for good, you can never could out the Woken One.

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