Total Divas Cast Goes Skinny Dipping In Season Finale

Total Divas has been around for 7 seasons now and this season’s finale ended with some real soul searching. While in Tahoe the cast of Total Bellas

Nikki Bella handed everyone a journal and they filled up the pages with all of their deepest secrets. Then they read them all around a firepit while they mostly cried and commented how it was like therapy.

The cast decided to jump into the lake with all of their clothes on, even though Paige can’t swim and she admitted that her biggest fear is deep water.

Then it was time to get in a hot tub because they had just shared such a close moment on this vacation. Suddenly, they were topless in the hot tub in a video which you can see below. It was a pretty good way to start the two-part season finale for season 7th.

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