Kurt Angle and Bully Ray Add Their Two Cents to Cement-Throwing Incident

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As we previously reported, independent wrestler Cuervo from Puerto Rico was injured during a match against Angel o Demonio at the LLB/Lucha Memes event after Demonio threw a concrete brick at him as payback for Cuervo using a chair earlier in the match. This, of course, led to Cuervo needing surgery.

Fightful shared a longer clip of the incident on their Twitter account, which prompted a response from WWE Hall of Famers Kurt Angle and Bully Ray. The original clip shows the chair shot that prompted the concrete brick and the aftermath of the attack.

Angle responded to that clip, telling the promoters to give him ten seconds with that wrestler and he’ll finish him. He adds that Demonio shouldn’t be in the business.

This also led to Ray saying he thinks Angle could end Demonio in 5 seconds.

From what we now understand, Demonio has had his license to wrestle revoked, and Cuervo is on the track back to safety but will have an extensive recovery process ahead of him.

What is your reaction to this? Would you like to see Angle get his hands on Demonio? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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