WWE SmackDown Live Results – November 20th, 2018

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Main Event Match

Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio

Orton and Mysterio started off with the action and Orton sold a little bit until he sprang to action to attack Rey’s mask on the top turnbuckle. Rey fought Orton off but ended up in the tree of woe anyway.

Mysterio battled back until Orton smashed into Mysterio with a shoulder block and a two count. Orton placed Rey on the top rope and tried to mess with his mask again. He ripped at Mysterio’s eyehole and really did a number on it.

Mysterio fought back with a boot to the ride of the face. Rey hit a seated senton a dropkick and went for a 6-1-9 but Orton caught him. However, Rey landed the second 6-1-9 attempt.

Orton got hit with a baseball slide and then went for another one to the floor, but Randy caught him with a beautiful RKO. Then they returned the ring and Orton hit another RKO for the win.

That is how Rey Mysteiro’s 2018 run is going. His mask gets ripped and then he gets destroyed by two RKOs. Orton then went to get a steel chair and he TOOK REY’S MASK OFF and Pillmanized Mysterio with his head in a chair against the ring post before holding up his mask to a shocked crowd.

Winner: Randy Orton

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