Welcome to Ringside News’ live results for SmackDown live on November 20th, 2018. This is a live result so keep refreshing and we’ll update as the night goes on.
It’s just days before Thanksgiving in the USA, so we’re set to have a traditional food fight, but there is also way more in store.
With Fox executives rumored to be backstage, WWE will want to put their best foot forward if that is the case because they will want to impress their future bosses.
Survivor Series left a lot of unanswered questions in regards to what will happen next as WWE continues on toward much bigger pay-per-views like Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. But it’s also important to focus on the smaller shows like TLC in December.
RAW added a handful of matches to the TLC card last night so we’ll just have to wait and see what will happen on SmackDown Live.
Opening Segment
Charlotte Flair came out and got a bunch of “wooos.”
There were some “Thank you Charlotte” chants and Flair said, “Yes, thank me.” Then she said she’s proud of the beatdown she gave Rousey and asked Ronda if she’s walking slower today and looking for an apology which she won’t get.
Flair said this Sunday was for her girls in the locker room and it was for The Champ. She put over Becky Lynch saying she fought for Lynch at Survivor Series. Flair said she gave Rousey a beating and made her bow down to The Queen.
Paige came down said that she enjoyed the beating Flair gave Rousey and reminded Flair that Rousey said she’s going to find her. Flair said she would Pillmanize Rousey’s head in a chair a zillion times. But Paige was upset about Flair putting her hands on those officials at Survivor Series so she fined Flair $100,000.
Then the IIconics came down. They made fun of Flair and said that everybody knows they’re Paige’s favorite and Paige shook her head “no.” They wanted the money from Flair’s fine because apparently, they thought that was up for grabs. Then Flair said she was facing one of them.
Charlotte Flair vs Billie Kay
Flair wasn’t in a good mood and that didn’t amount for a very good time for Kay. Peyton yelled at ringside and Flair told her to shut up as she kept beating on her friend. Flair delivered a bunch of knee drops with her knee exposed, and then she took Billie down for a figure 4, but Billie rolled out of the ring
Peyton distracted Charlotte on the outside and Billie hit a big boot but couldn’t get Charlotte pinned when they got the ring. Peyton pulled on Flair’s hair while the referee wasn’t looking for a two count.
Then Flair hit the Natural Selection and that was all she wrote.
Winner: Charlotte Flair
Flair wasn’t done with the IIconics

Charlotte Flair picked up the microphone after beating Billie Kay and called Peyton Royce out for a match. Royce understandably didn’t want a match, but Flair kept telling her to come in the ring.
Charlotte Flair vs Peyton Royce
Peyton rolled out of the ring immediately and Flair put her own arms behind her back and on her knees to convince Peyton to get back in. Then Peyton ran from Flair again.
Eventually, Peyton took advantage with the assistance of Peyton Royce nailing her in the head with a knee.
Peyton slapped on a headlock pulled Flair’s hair over the ropes as Billie hit a cheap shot. Then Charlotte lifed Royce up so Kay jumped in and caused a DQ.
Winner: Charlotte Flair via DQ
The crowd chanted “Becky” as the IIconics beat Charlotte Flair down and tried to take a chair but someone took it back which never happens. Then Flair hit a double spear on the outside on Billie and Peyton before she smashed their heads off the announce table… a lot.
Then Flair sent them into the ring steps and the barricade before tossing them over the announce table and then she stood on top of it and “woooed”.
Rey Mysterio Promo
Mysterio cut a promo on Randy Orton saying he’s dangerous. He hurt Jeff Hardy a lot and he wants to do the same to Rey. He said they’re both on the top of their game. That match will happen later tonight, so we won’t have to wait long to see that one.

Miz TV
The Miz introduced Shane McMahon after getting a pop from the LA crowd. Shane didn’t look like he was walking too well either but they had his WWE World Cup at ringside.
Shane said he’s still banged up from Survivor Series and The Miz put him over for his performance on Sunday. Then he said he’s a Shane stan.
After they bantered a little bit, and Shane told The Miz to ask him a question. The Miz said he was nervous but only had one question and that was if he will team up with him. The Miz wanted to start a tag team with McMahon and the crowd seemed to like that idea.
Shane said he didn’t know if he could do it because his duties as a commissioner might prohibit it. But The Miz said if he’s as much of a McMahon as he thinks then he’ll tag with him right now. Then he introduced a jobber tag team called “The Bryant Brothers.”
The Miz & Shane McMahon vs The Bryant Brothers
Shane was in street clothes and The Miz started the match. The Miz beat up Dane Bryant with some kicks and a stomp. The Miz did the “Shane McMahon shuffle before hitting a DDT on Dane.
McMahon seemed to be enjoying the show on the apron. Suddenly, The Bryant Brother rolled The Miz up and defeated him 1-2-3.
The jobbers ran away celebrating as The Miz looked at Shane McMahon trying to explain himself.
Winner: The Bryant Brothers

The New Day were in the ring already and there was a table of food in front of them. They were dressed as pilgrims and talked about the Thanksgiving Feast FIght. Xavier Woods had 6-1 on his outfit referring to the kickoff show win for SmackDown Live that apparently didn’t count. Then Big E said he was thankful for breasts and picked up a turkey and started licking it before The Bar came out.
New Day vs The Bar – Thanksgiving Feast Fight
The Bar said this was stupid and Kofi said that at least they won their Survivor Series match while Big E continued to lick his turkey.
Big Show started off by ripping off Wood’s little protest costume and then he chopped him before getting out of the ring. Then Sheamus got in and continued the assault on Xavier for a bit only to tag in Cesaro who did the same.
Woods created separation and Kofi got the tag. He hit the Boom Drop on Sheamus but The Celtic Warrior dodged a Trouble In Paradise kick. Big E hit a clothesline on Cesaro and knocked Big Show off the apron and through one of the Thanksgiving tables as food went everywhere.
Sheamus went to another and picked up a turkey. He tried to hit Kofi with the bird, but Kofi ducked and Xavier nailed kick. Sheamus went outside and then Kingston hit a dive off the top rope to the floor with a turkey smashing into Sheamus and sending him through another table.
Sheamus got back in the ring and took another Turkey shot from Big E this time and then they mercifully pinned Sheamus to end the match.
But after the match was over, Cesaro got messy as well and the ring was soon covered in pie, cranberry sauce, dressing, and god knows what else. The ring was an absolute mess and they still had an hour left in the show.
Winners: The New Day
Randy Orton Interview
Orton cut a promo on Mysterio’s mask. He said it represents nothing to him and it doesn’t deserve to be respected, it deserves to be erased and destroyed just like the man who wears it.

Asuka & Naomi vs Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville
Before this match started, they showed footage from WWE Evolution where Mandy eliminated Sonya from the battle royal match so they’re obviously teasing a breakup. After a quick beginning, both Naomi and Asuka hit hip attacks on the former Absolution members and sent them to the floor.
When they got back in, Sonya turned things around and got some heat on Naomi.
Mandy took the tag and then Sonya tagged back in, the entire time they were hitting Naomi with everything they had. Asuka finally got the tag and Mandy accidentally knocked Deville off the apron.
Rose tried to tag but Sonya wasn’t there. Asuka hit a throw and a shining wizard fro a two cout. Rose fought back and then Sonya tagged herself back in. Rose almost kneed her partner and then there was some confusion, so Asuka kicked both of them and then put the Asuka Lock on Deville until she tapped out.
Winner: Asuka & Naomi
The announcers said things aren’t okay between Deville and Rose. But they left without really breaking up at all.
They aired a Lars Sullivan promo on SmackDown which is interesting because they’ve aired that promo during every show since the Survivor Series kickoff at this point.

Daniel Bryan Promo
Bryan walked to the ring in street clothes looking like a Seattle hipster. He had a cocky attitude with the way he walked and demanded a microphone with a unique twisting motion in his hand when he got in the ring.
Bryan said he didn’t expect people to understand this but the explanation isn’t for the fans, it’s for you, whoever you was. He said Daniel Bryan committed an act of betrayal but that didn’t happen last week it took place three years ago when he retired and gave up on his dreams.
He said the difference between Daniel Bryan and these people is he doesn’t accept failure. So he decided to fight and eventually got cleared after a rigorous rehab process.
He said that he got to meditate while in the hyperbaric chamber and he worked on his new mantra “Fight for your dreams and they’ll fight for you.”
Then Bryan encouraged an AJ Styles chant by mentioning how people would rather chant for AJ than chant yes. He called the WWE crowd fickle over and over again. He said that Daniel Bryan’s dreams kicked AJ Styles in the balls before he won the WWE Championship which should make its way onto a t-shirt somehow.
Bryan said he realized that he didn’t need the fans for anything and he didn’t need to beat Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. He said that he won when Brock beat the weakness out of him and after that match wew have a new Daniel Bryan.
He said the Daniel Bryan that people loved is dead and so is the Yes Movement. He said all that is left is the new Daniel Bryan, the WWE Champion.
He said he will never give up on his dream ever, ever again while referring to himself in the third person and then he made Greg Hamilton introduce him as “The New Daniel Bryan.”

Main Event Match
Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio
Orton and Mysterio started off with the action and Orton sold a little bit until he sprang to action to attack Rey’s mask on the top turnbuckle. Rey fought Orton off but ended up in the tree of woe anyway.
Mysterio battled back until Orton smashed into Mysterio with a shoulder block and a two count. Orton placed Rey on the top rope and tried to mess with his mask again. He ripped at Mysterio’s eyehole and really did a number on it.
Mysterio fought back with a boot to the ride of the face. Rey hit a seated senton a dropkick and went for a 6-1-9 but Orton caught him. However, Rey landed the second 6-1-9 attempt.
Orton got hit with a baseball slide and then went for another one to the floor, but Randy caught him with a beautiful RKO. Then they returned the ring and Orton hit another RKO for the win.
That is how Rey Mysteiro’s 2018 run is going. His mask gets ripped and then he gets destroyed by two RKOs. Orton then went to get a steel chair and he TOOK REY’S MASK OFF and Pillmanized Mysterio with his head in a chair against the ring post before holding up his mask to a shocked crowd.
Winner: Randy Orton

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