The New Day hosted a Thanksgiving Feast Fight and won their match against The Bar and The Big Show. It was a messy good time and really made unsung heroes out of the ring crew who had to clean everything up before the next match started because they couldn’t have Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton wrestling in cranberry sauce.

After their Thanksgiving Feast Fight victory over Sheamus, Cesaro, and Big Show, The New Day were pretty pleased with themselves and were quick to crack wise backstage. Xavier Woods said that his chest still hurts, but he’ll be fine. That’s just one of the many side effects of facing The Bar.
Thanksgiving might not be until Thursday but Kofi Kingston commented that they already set the table and fed them. They definitely seem like people who know how to celebrate a holiday. After all, Big E defeated Cesaro in the Trick Or Street Fight last month.
“We are the Kings Of The Holidays!” Xavier Woods announced as The New Day rallied around him in jovial fashion. Then they proceeded to name a bunch of Holidays claiming ot be the kings of each holiday because every day is New Day.
WWE has some very interesting matches around the holidays and it seems like New Day is placing themselves in the running to be kings of all of them.

Felix Upton

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