Xavier Woods Isn’t Happy About WWE Ignoring SmackDown’s Survivor Series Kickoff Show Win

WWE Survivor Series appeared to be a clean sweep for Raw, but there was a kickoff show match which SmackDown actually won. However, as we previously reported the blue brand wasn’t supposed to win the kickoff show match at all.

This was summed up as the right hand not know what the left is doing as Dave Meltzer described it on Wrestling Observer Radio because the blue team was supposed to lose every match to the red brand.

But Xavier Woods isn’t happy about how it went down at all and he commented about it saying: “HEY WWE! RESPECT THE TAG DIVISION OF BOTH SHOWS AND LET THE PEOPLE KNOW THAT SMACKDOWN GOT A WIN TONIGHT. THE SCORE WAS 6 – 1 #PreshowCounts.” 

Obviously, the kickoff show doesn’t count as far as WWE sees things. But if I were a betting man someone in the back got chewed out for the kickoff show mix-up by the way WWE tried all night to cover their tracks and ignore that the kickoff show counts at all.

Sidenote: The kickoff show should totally count.