WWE Survivor Series 2018 Results

We see Team SmackDown Live’s male team sitting backstage. The Miz walks in and he says he could give them a pep talk that would guarantee a win, and one that would heal the world. However, he shouldn’t be the one to do it, it should be the best in the world: Shane O’Mac. Shane then goes one by one to Mysterio, Hardy, Samoa Joe and then, R-Truth. Shane does a double take when he sees Truth and tells him he’s not a part of the team. Truth says he wants to join SmackDown’s roster, to which Shane says he already is. Miz tells the team that he can get them all a signed copy of The Marine 6 and Truth says that would be great, he’d love a copy signed by Becky Lynch. That got  a big cheer from Los Angeles. Shane leads a SmackDown chant from his team.

Cruiserweight Championship Match

(C) Buddy Murphy Vs. Mustafa Ali

The bell rings, and Murphy powers Ali to the corner and unleashes some shoulder thrusts. Ali tries to get away, but Murphy powers him down. Ali takes him out of the ring with a hurricanrana. Mustafa dropkicks him off the apron before hitting a summersault dive to the floor!

Ali gets him in the ring for a no count. Buddy quickly stuns him with a kick and gets out of the ring to recover. Ali kicks Murphy to the barricade. Murphy quickly grabs the ankles and shoves him off the second turnbuckle to the barricade! Murphy whips Ali into the LED apron and then the barricade. Murphy gets him in the ring and slams Ali before kicking him in the spine for a two count. Mustafa starts to make a comeback and catapults Murphy into the corner. Ali dropkicks him down. Ali forearms him in the corner and avoids a splash. Ali kicks him in the face before trying for a rolling x-factor, but Murphy flapjacks him over the top rope to the floor! Murphy then hits a huge somersault senton!

Buddy gets him in the ring, but Ali superkicks him twice before spiking him on his head with a reverse hurricanrana! Ali picks up a near fall. Ali stuns Murphy and knocks him to the apron with a vicious kick. Ali kills him with a tornado DDT through the middle rope into the ring for a near fall! Mustafa sets him up and goes to the top rope, but Murphy pushes him off to the floor. Murphy clears the commentary table, but Ali gets out. Ali then hits a Spanish Fly off the table to the floor! A “205” chant picks up as both men lay on the floor, that must be a first!

Ali goes to the top rope for the inverted 450, but Murphy cuts him off and superkicks him. Murphy powerbombs him twice for a near fall. The crowd chants, “This is awesome.” Ali superkicks Murphy and hits a springboard, but Murphy knees him out of mid-air! Murphy connects with Murphy’s Law for the win!

Winner: Buddy Murphy

That was a great match and the crowed was super into it.