WWE Survivor Series 2018 Results

WWE Survivor Series 2018 from the Staples Centre in Los Angeles is live!

Women’s 5-On-5 Elimination Match

Team Raw Vs. Team SmackDown Live

Team Raw consists of Sasha Banks, Bayley, Nia Jax, Mickie James, and Tamina, with Alexa Bliss as their captain but not competing. Team SmackDown Live consists of Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Carmella, Asuka, and captain Naomi.

Naomi and Tamina start the match for their respective teams, while the fans chant for Becky. Naomi catches Tamina with a roll-up early but Snuka kicks out. Naomi follows up with a dropkick but Tamina fires back with a kick, then hits one of the women on the SmackDown apron, causing a huge brawl to break out. Naomi hits Nia Jax with an enziguiri and the arena exploded in favour. Tamina then catches Naomi with a superkick and she’s out!

Naomi Eliminated

No sooner than Naomi had rolled from the ring did Carmella roll-up Tamina and scored the 123!

Tamina Eliminated

Carmella then performs a dance break that gets cut short by Nia Jax. The fans really hate Nia, who the announcers are referring to as “the facebreaker”. Carmella tries to roll her up but can’t get her down. Nia instead lifts Carmella by the throat and chokes her before dropping her. Carmella tags Mandy Rose. Who runs into Nia’s forearm for a near-fall.

Rose kicks Nia and hits a running knee to the face. Nia tags Mickie James, who brawls with Mandy. Mickie hits a nice neckbreaker to Rose for a two count. Mandy applies an abdominal stretch to James, and drives some elbows into her gut. Mandy tags Asuka and she circles the ring with James. They lock-up and Mickie takes a headlock. Asuka shoots her off to the ropes and James comes back with a shoulder tackle but Asuka isn’t fazed. Asuka hits a rear window to Mickie, then applies a modified abdominal stretch of her own.

Sonya Deville tags in and Mickie hits her with a Mickie-Can-Rana from the middle rope. Bayley tags herself in off of Mickie, then hits a neckbreaker to Sonya. Bayley whips Sonya to the corner and tags Sasha Banks, who performs double knees to the gut. Mickie tags herself in and hits a Thesz press from the middle rope for a two count. Sonya catches Mickie with a big spear and a running knee. Rose tags herself in and scores the pinfall but Deville isn’t happy.

Mickie James Eliminated

Bayley runs in and rolls-up Rose but she kicks out. Rose tags Carmella, who gets thrown to the corner and stunnered against the ropes by Bayley. Carmella ducks a dive from Bayley and kicks her in the gut, followed by a moonwalk DDT. Carmella mocks Sasha Banks before running at Bayley in the corner, who grabs her and hits the Bayley-To-Belly for the pinfall!

Carmella Eliminated

Mandy Rose storms the ring again and beats on Bayley before she can even get to her feet. Bayley avoids Rose in the corner and tag Banks, who storms the ring with clotheslines and a dropkick. Banks looks to hit Rose with running knees in the corner but nobody’s home. Sasha follows-up with the Bank Statement and Mandy quickly taps.

Mandy Rose Eliminated

Sonya Deville runs in and attacks Sasha before she can regroup. Deville tags Asuka, who beats Sasha into the corner and lands a hip attack. Asuka tags Deville back in and they look to keep Sasha from her corner. It’s 3-2 in favour of Raw right now. Sasha tries to make the tag but Deville keeps her away. Sasha ducks Deville and rolls to make a tag to Bayley. Deville is bounced face-first on the turnbuckles by Bayley. The Hugger hits a running knee in the corner. Deville hits her with a punch to the gut, then a spinebuster but Nia breaks the pin. The fans boo loudly. Nia runs at Bayley in the corner but nobody’s home and she hits the post. As Nia lays against the post, Asuka runs up and boots her in the head and the arena erupts! Asuka stomps on Nia outside the ring but then Sasha Banks comes from the apron with a Meteora to Asuka.

Inside the ring, Bayley hits Sonya with a back suplex for a two count. Deville and Bayley made some screw-up and both fell through the ropes. Sonya slams Bayley into the barricade and then the Hugger follows-up with a Bayley-to-Belly on the floor! Bayley can’t make it back to the ring in time, so they’re both counted out! It’s Asuka Vs. Sasha Banks and Nia Jax.

Sonya Deville Eliminated

Bayley Eliminated

Sasha and Asuka are squaring up outside of the ring. Then the two of them roll into the ring together and the crowd is getting excited for this first time encounter. Banks ducks a back elbow and hits Asuke with a dropkick, but the Empress fires back with one of her own. Sasha wanted a backstabber but Asuka thrust backwards to push her away. Asuka hits a nice knee to the face, followed by a huge German suplex. Banks rolls to the apron. Nia comes back to the apron but Asuka hits her with a hip attack and knocks her off.

Banks gets slapped off of the opposite apron by Asuka. The Empress looks to kicks Sasha but the Boss grabs her foot and slams her to the apron. Sasha stares at Bliss and Jax on the outside of the ring, before Asuka hits her with another hip attack. Asuka gets her back in the ring and hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Asuka delivers a series of strikes, but Sasha responds with tilt-a-whirl armbar attempt that didn’t come together. Banks kicks Asuka and hits double knees in the corner. Sasha takes to the top rope but Nia shoves her off and Asuka applies the Asuka-Lock and the Boss taps!

Sasha Banks Eliminated

Jax runs in and hits multiple leg drops to Asuka. The fans are booing incessantly. Nia lifts Asuka up and hits a Samoan drop for the win.

Winners: Team Raw

Nia Jax was the sole survivor of Team Raw, much to the dismay of the fans in L.A.

We see Stephanie McMahon and Baron Corbin backstage. She’s pleased with the result of that match but she wants a clean sweep later tonight in the men’s 5-on-5 match, Corbin promises to deliver. Paige and Shane McMahon walk in. Paige says she guarantees they’ll be feeling a little blue by the end of the night. Stephanie says Shane may have stolen the World Cup trophy, but he won’t steal RAW’s victory tonight. Corbin says SmackDown is like LeBron James – overrated and overhyped. He then pokes fun that Becky Lynch can’t compete. Shane says Corbin’s cocky attitude will make victory so much sweeter… and then Stephanie will fire him. They walk off and Corbin looks worried.