WWE Survivor Series 2018 Results

Kick-Off Show

The pre-show panel consists of Jonathon Coachman, Jerry Lawler, David Otunga, and Beth Phoenix. The panel runs down the entire card for tonight’s show!

We see a video package for what happened this past week on SmackDown Live, when Daniel Bryan defeated AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. Bryan will face Brock Lesnar tonight. Coach asks Lawler if the ends justifies the means, to which Lawler says evil is like diarrhoea; you can only hold it in for so long. Phoenix says evil is a strong word, and for her Bryan just looked like a lion who won’t let anything stand in his way. Otunga says it comes down to Bryan’s long journey back to the top of the mountain, and he snapped. Coach says we can’t forget how great AJ Styles year has been. Coach asks if Bryan’s heart and skill can be enough to face Brock Lesnar, to which Lawler says only if he can reach down and find that evil again. Beth reckons Bryan needs to be unorthodox to beat Brock tonight, and he has his work cut out for him. Otunga says Bryan is a wild card, we don’t know what he’s capable of anymore.

Now it’s time to discuss the triangle between Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte. We see Alexa Bliss backstage with the entire Raw women’s team. Bliss says SmackDown’s attack on Raw was dirty and uncalled for. So, tonight winning is not enough; she wants total humiliation. Nia Jax says that won’t be a problem and asks, “do you see what I did to Becky’s face?” Ruby Riott then says they will beat SmackDown Live handily, then asks Natalya if she glued her Daddy’s glasses back together yet. Natalya attacks Ruby and the entire room breaks into a brawl. Bliss stops it and says if they cannot get along, they won’t be a part of the team anymore. Back with the panel, they show a graphic of the women’s match and both Natalya and Ruby’s pictures have been removed, so clearly they’re out. So we don’t know the two Raw members, although it’s likely Sasha and Bayley, and we also don’t know the fifth member of SmackDown’s team.

Paige and Baron Corbin have joined the pre-show panel but before they get far, Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush interrupt them. Rush says SmackDown is great, but they don’t have Bobby Lashley. Rush says Lashley was sculpted by Michelangelo, as the big man poses. They joke around as Lashley bends over and poses his ass. Rush and Lashley leave, so Corbin asks Paige if she still thinks SmackDown can win, to which she says she feels even more confident. Coach says this is the only time of the year the two brands go head-to-head, so what makes her think SmackDown can win. She says because SmackDown is a family and run really well. Corbin says Raw doesn’t have to be a family, they just have to get along tonight. Corbin cites the strength of Raw’s members, saying SmackDown cannot compete.

Charly Caurso is backstage with Charlotte, and asks if Charlotte is prepared. The Queen says tonight is about being the best, and yes, she may be a stand-in, but she’s the most unbreakable woman in WWE. She says anyone can hold up four fingers and claim they’re part of a stable, but she’s the only woman with a birthright to the Four Horsewomen stable. So tonight she will prove to Ronda and everyone else that nobody can lace her boots.Woo! Back with the panel, Phoenix says Ronda is amazing but she thinks Ronda will be dethroned tonight. Coach says Becky and Charlotte have gone to war, while Ronda hasn’t done that yet, and asks if that is an advantage for Charlotte. Otunga says he agrees Ronda hasn’t been in wars… in WWE, but she certainly has been in wars elsewhere. Otunga says Charlotte is used to having things change on a dime but he still thinks Ronda will win.

We see Naomi backstage with Carmella, Asuka, and Sonya Deville. She gives them a pep talk and says she hopes she can be a good captain in the wake of Charlotte leaving. She then introduces the fifth member of the team, and in walks R-Truth. He thanks them for the opportunity but then Naomi says he is not on the team, he’s not even a woman! Truth asks why she has to bring science into this. Naomi then introduces the real fifth member: Mandy Rose. Mandy gives an “apology” for running the team down a few weeks ago, and they all put their hands in the middle.

Also coming tonight, Buddy Murphy Vs. Mustafa Ali for the Cruiserweight Championship. Drake Maverick joins the panel to hype the match and he also talks about having Authors of Pain as Tag Team Champions. Coach says AOP have never faced Champions like The Bar, to which Maverick says they’re more concerned with choreographing their entrance. Phoenix says he may be overlooking Big Show. Maverick says he isn’t overlooking Big Show, that he’s dealt with giants his whole life, they’re just fairytales and he isn’t scared. He says The Bar has a giant, but he has two.

10-On-10 Tag Team Elimination Match

Team Raw Vs. Team SmackDown

Team Raw comprises of The Ascension, The B-Team, The Revival, Lucha House Party, and Bobby Roode & Chad Gable as team captains. Team SmackDown Live is made up of The New Day, Sanity, The Colon’s, Gallows & Anderson, and The Uso’s as captains.

Epico Colon and Kalisto start the match for their respective teams. Kalisto and Epico lock-up but the lucha evades his holds until Epico kicks him in the leg and delivers a stalling suplex. Kaliso and Lince Dorado perform a double team splash for a two count. Epico hits Kalisto with a back suplex, then tags Primo, who hits a rope-assisted tope. Primo accidentally knocks Epico from the apron and Kalisto tags Scott Dawson. The Revival hit The Shatter Machine on Prio and The Colon’s are gone.

The Colon’s Eliminated

Karl Anderson storms the ring and takes down Scott Dawson with a big spinebuster but Curtis Axel breaks the pin. Axel sends Anderson to the corner and beats on him. Axel tags Bo Dallas and they hit a splash/DDT combo on Anderson for a two count. The referee is distracted for a second, so Luke Gallows punches Dallas and Anderson rolls him up for the pin!

The B-Team Eliminated

Big E is in for SmackDown Live and Chad Gable is in for Team Raw. Big E gets a “New Day Rocks” chant going but then Killian Dain tags himself in. Gable takes the fight to Dain but gets squashed with a running crossbody. Dain tags Eric Young and they hit a tandem neckbreaker/Samoan drop. Roode makes the break but then gets thrown onto the apron by Dain. Roode then suckers Dain into flying through the ropes to the outside, meanwhile Gable makes the tag. Roode and Gable hit their amazing neckbreaker/moonsault finisher on Eric Young and Sanity is eliminated!

Sanity Eliminated

Big E comes in again, as does Konor of The Ascension. Konor takes E down with a shoulder tackle, but E comes back with a abdominal stretch, in which he spanks Konor. Xavier Woods tags in but Konor grabs him and hits a fallaway slam. Konor makes the tag to Viktor.

The Ascension double-team Woods and Viktor applies a sleeper hold. Woods fights out, slides through Viktor’s legs and hits a rolling elbow. Big E returns to the fray and hits a big splash to Viktor from the shoulders of Woods. E scores the pinfall over Viktor.

The Ascension Eliminated

Big E is still in the match but now Gran Metalik has joined the proceedings. Metalik looks for a springboard elbow but nobody’s home. Big E makes the tag to Luke Gallows, while Metalik makes the tag to Dorado. The good brothers look for the Magic Killer on Dorado but he escapes and hits Anderson with a headscissors takedown. Gallows looks to chokeslam Dorado but he reverses with a stunner!

Gallows rolls from the ring and Dorado looks for a dive but Anderson steps in and prevents it. Dorado hits Anderson with a hurricanrana that was supposed to send him through the ropes but he didn’t quite make it. Anderson rolled out anyway and joined Gallows, where Dorado and Metalik hit stereo moonsaults from the top ropes to them on the floor. I was a little confused about who was representing Lucha House Party but it’s because Kalisto is legit injured and Gran Metalik took his place. They get back into the ring and Dorado hits Anderson with a splash from the top rope for the pinfall.

Anderson & Gallows Eliminated

The fans booed Anderson and Gallows’ elimination. We’re down to New Day and The Uso’s for SmackDown Live. Metalik takes on Jimmy Uso and the fans are firmly behind The Uso’s. Metalik hits a dropkick and tag Dorado, who chops the life out of Jimmy Uso. A roll-up from Dorado to no avail, followed by a springboard moonsault. Jimmy tags Jey, who hits Dorado with some sort of double team move that they totally botched. Scored the pin regardless.

Lucha House Party Eliminated

Now it’s Woods and Scott Dawson in the ring. Dawson looks to make the tag and Dash falls into the ring but the distraction allows Dawson to cheap shot Woods. Gable comes in and attacks the leg of Xavier Woods. He tags Dawson back in, who hits a lot of quick offence to Woods, mostly leg drops. He whips Woods to the corner but eats a boot. Woods rolls-up Dawson but he kicks out. Woods ducks a clothesline and knocks everyone from the Raw corner, before hitting a missile dropkick to Dawson.

Woods makes the hot tag to Big E, and Dawson tags Dash Wilder. Big E hits Wilder with multiple belly-to-belly suplexes. Big E wants to hit a splash to Wilder but Dawson gets on the apron, so E knocks him off. Big E then tosses Dash out of the ring but Chad Gable comes in off of the tag and hits Big E with a belly-to-belly of his own! Gable tags Roode and they hit a rolling German suplex/neckbreaker combo for a near-fall. Roode looks for the Glorious DDT but Big E escapes and tags Woods. Woods and Big E hit a urinagi/backstabber combo but Gable breaks the pin. Scott Dawson then runs and hits a suicide dive to The Uso’s, followed by Woods catching him with a baseball slide. Dash Wilder then hits Woods with a tornado DDT from the apron, followed by Big E spearing Dash through the ropes to the floor!

Gable and Roode are the only two standing in the ring. Gable hits the ropes and Roode launches him over onto everyone on the floor. Bobby Roode does a Glorious taunt, hits the ropes as though he will dive onto everyone, but then Jimmy Uso superkicks him. Uso runs and dives over the ropes onto the guys on the floor. Jey Uso goes to the top rope but Chad Gable meets him up there and hits a German suplex from the top to the guys on the floor! Everybody is down now.

Gable and Roode return to the ring with Woods. They look for the neckbreaker/moonsault again but Woods pushes Roode into the rope and he crotches Gable. Woods makes the tag to Big E, who catches Gables from a moonsault and they hit Up Up Down Down on Gable for the pin.

Roode & Gable Eliminated

Dawson and Wilder hit a double team powerbomb to Big E but he kicks out. Woods tags in and superkicks Dawson. Wilder makes the tag. Woods looks for a springboard elbow drop to Wilder but The Revival catch him with a Shatter Machine in mid-air!

The New Day Eliminated

We’re down to two: The Uso’s and The Revival. This is something of a dream match. The two teams start brawling in the ring and Dawson and Jey take it to the outside. Scott Dawson and Wilder hit a double team bulldog to Jimmy from the top rope! The Revival knock Jey from the apron but Jimmy connects with an enziguiri. Jimmy goes to the top rope, where Dawson meets him. Dawson hits a superplex, followed by an immediate splash from Dash but Jey breaks the pin attempt!

The Revival look for the Shatter Machine but Jimmy and Jey reverse it and hit double superkicks to both of them! Jey hits a splash from the top rope to Scott Dawson for the win!

Winners: The Uso’s

We see Alexa Bliss backstage with the remaining members of her team and in walk Sasha Banks and Bayley. She asks if they will join her team and they’re reluctant but they agree.

We’re back with the panel to discuss the final few matches. They talk about Daniel Bryan Vs. Brock Lesnar again, and say the same things they did at the open of the show. They then talk about the 5-on-5 Men’s Survivor Series match and agree that Braun Strowman is the biggest factor. They wonder though, if he can not touch Baron Corbin until after tonight’s match. They don’t say much else worth noting, so that’s the end of the pre-show!

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