Velveteen Dream is a man who has everyone saying his name at this point. Even Triple H couldn’t hold back with how impressed he is with the young Superstar and his match against Tommaso Ciampa at NXT TakeOver: WarGames was a career highlight as he came out dressed as Hollywood Hogan even though he didn’t win the big NXT Title.
Mike Johnson opened up about Velveteen Dream during PW Insider Elite audio where he sounded very sure about the fact that there are some big things coming down the line for Velveteen Dream if he keeps up this current pace.

“As long as nothing stupid happens and as long as no injuries happen and I used to say I don’t think it will happen as Velveteen Dream — it’s gonna happen as Velveteen Dream. He’s going to go to the main roster and unless something stupid happens he’s going to headline WrestleMania.”
“It might not happen for ten years, who knows? But it’s going to happen, he will headline WrestleMania one day. I have no doubt in my mind that if he continues to work at the level he’s been working he’s going to headline WrestleMania. So I’m just saying it now.”

There are a lot of talented Superstars in NXT who have main roster potential, but few are as impressive as the Velveteen Dream. He has been able to take his character and incorporate so many throwback characteristics and includes hidden nods to the past in his matches and storytelling that it’s obvious that he not only knows the business but he has a unique mind for it as well — and he’s only 23-years-old!
So expect big things from Dream, only time will tell how long it will happen, but Johnson was very certain about this fact and we have to agree. There is something special about Velveteen Dream and that uniqueness could very well carry him to the biggest spotlight WWE has to offer.
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