Ryback Takes A Shot At WWE Action Figure Design: “Must Have Been Blind And Possibly Drunk And High”

Ryback left WWE in 2016 and he’s never been shy about speaking his mind. This is why his podcast Conversations With The Big Guy often features him straight shooting from the hip. He recently took another shot at his WWE run but directed it toward the merchandise.

While Ryback did have a few action figures that really looked like him, they can’t all be winners. The father of Feed Me More recently posted a picture of one of his action figures that missed the mark completely and he had a rather sarcastic compliment about it along with a little theory on how it came out so poorly in the process.

“The companies that made all the Ryback action figures and dolls etc always did an amazing job with detail I thought. Whoever made this keychain of me though must have been blind and possibly drunk and high.”

Accusing that a designer was drunk or high on the job is a pretty heavy thing to pin on someone’s profession, but it’s hard to argue that something wasn’t quite right when this figure made it past inspection.