Daniel Bryan started off the match by attempting to dropkick Brock Lesnar’s knees and then he got out of the ring and ran around a bit. Lesnar went after him, and Bryan used his speed advantage to get back in ahead of Lesnar to continue toying with him.
It seemed like Bryan as going to kick him again, and then Lesnar caught his leg and landed a clubbing blow to the side of Daniel Bryan’s head followed by a German Suplex right on the top of his head. Lesnar dragged Bryan into the center of the ring and tried to get a “Suplex city” chant going as Bryan didn’t move and then he took another German Suplex like a ragdoll.
Lesnar gave Bryan another German suplex as Bryan tried his best to get up and then he took another punishing suplex. Daniel Bryan rolled outside and then Brock threw Byan against the barricade and then rolled him back in to the ring so hard he rolled all the way over to the other side of the ring.
There was no offense from Bryan and it was all Brock Lesnar in a flat-out assault before Lesnar applied a bearhug and then the tossed him back down to the mat. Bryan was sputtering and wheezing as he crawled on the mat only to have Lesnar scoop him up again and hit another German Suplex.
Lesnar yelled that he can do this “all night long” as he stalked Bryan to continue the straight-up mugging. Finally, Lesnar hit an F5 and made the pin, but he pulled Bryan up after the two count only to deliver more punishment. Suddenly, Bryan landed two kicks to Brock’s face out of desperation.
Bryan landed on his feet after another F5 that also knocked over the referee. Daniel landed a low blow and a running knee to get a close near fall that popped the Staples Center big time. Then Daniel Bryan went on the attack against Brock Lesnar with several stiff kicks and stomps to Lesnar’s head and body.
Bryan pulled the top rope down after avoiding an F5 and Brock went to the floor. Lesnar caught Bryan and then Daniel sent Lesnar into the post and nailed a running knee off the apron to the floor and Lesnar was selling everything.
Lesnar caught Bryan on his second suicide dive and drove him into the post as an injured Lesnar limped over to apply more punishment to Daniel Bryan. Lesnar grabbed the steel ring steps but Bryan avoided a shot from them and the kickback from the shot sent Lesnar back down.
They returned to the ring just in time for Daniel Bryan to nail a running knee for a two count and then he hit a chopblock and wrapped Lesnar’s leg around the ring post a little bit before climbing to the top rope and hitting a missile dropkick. Finally, Brock Lesnar caught Daniel Bryan in an F5, but he couldn’t hit the move so he crumbled to the mat where Bryan locked on the Yes Lock and it looked like he was about to tap out and then suddenly, Lesnar popped up and hit the F5 for the win.
This was an incredibly well-told story to finish out Survivor Series and claim a clean-sweep for the Raw brand.

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