Aleister Black won a brutal contest against Johnny Gargano at NXT TakeOver: WarGames that really saw Johnny TakeOver try everything in his bag of tricks. But in the end, he begged Black to end things with a Black Mass and he did so twice before pinning the former DIY member.
As a former NXT Champion, Black looks to be in line for a WWE main roster call-up soon. But Dave Meltzer spoke about this idea on Wrestling Observer Radio where he didn’t seem too confident that either Black or Gargano would get a good treatment on Raw or SmackDown in the current climate.

“I think Aleister Black, god I hate to say it, he should be on the main roster for sure but then I keep thinking like he’s going to end up like Bobby Roode if he goes so it’s kinda sucks and Gargano I just have a feeling if he goes to the main roster he won’t do anything there unless the people will it and then it will be like a grudgingly thing. Aleister Black can get over because he’s got that great ring entrance and persona but Bobby Roode had the same thing.”

WWE and Vince McMahon have the power to call up anyone from NXT that they decide they want to use. After all, NXT is the main roster’s developmental territory. But as the idea of some guys just never going to the main roster and remaining NXT talents for the remainder of their careers seems to become more of a plausible idea some fans might need to hold off on hoping to see some of their favorite NXT Superstars get main roster call-ups so fast because, at this point, WWE might just not know what to do with them.
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