WWE’s go-home Raw before Survivor Series consisted of SmackDown’s invasion of Raw and Becky Lynch getting straight punched in the face by Nia Jax and taking her out of the planned Survivor Series match against Ronda Rousey. Thankfully, they decided against straight-up taking the title off of Becky.  It was heartbreaking watching Becky Lynch hear the news that she wasn’t allowed to wrestle at Survivor Series, but it created a huge babyface in the process.
Lance Storm noted on Figure 4 Weekly that WWE booked the SD Live invasion of Raw brilliantly because they only showed Lynch with Rousey on the floor and not how they got there. If they would have shown Lynch blindsiding her and wrestling an unaware Rousey to the ground, that would have meant heel heat on The Man — but they were just on the floor leaving fans to make their own assumptions of how they got there.
Storm also pointed out an interesting idea about what WWE’s intention of the entire angle was in the first place. After all, as he compared to his own experience as part of an invasion angle, the invaders often get a pop because it’s the exciting element to the show.

“That was something back during ‘The Invasion’ I know we used to ask [WWE] all the time, again the WCW guys were the invaders so I got a pop when they invaded, others got a pop when they invaded and I remember [Chris] Jericho saying, ‘Is WCW supposed to be the babyface in this angle because that’s now what I was told it was,’ but that’s the way it felt booking because we were the invaders.”
“They talk about the home team but if you can come into my yard and beat me up, you’re a badass and that’s obviously how Becky came across because she came into Ronda’s yard and owned her for the night. It was fantastic. But if they thought it was a heat angle, it was heat up and down the show and the thing that got under my skin many of the heat angles on Raw weren’t just that the heel got heat it’s that the babyface looked dumb.”

It will be interesting to see how WWE books the rest of Rousey vs Lynch, after all, they might have until WrestleMania to get that done if what we’ve been hearing is correct. Also, they might end up in the main event match too because at this point there’s no hotter star in WWE than Becky Lynch.
Only time will tell what happens next in this situation, or at WWE Survivor Series for that matter, but we will keep you updated as soon as anything goes down.
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