WWE NXT TakeOver: War Games II Results – November 17th, 2018

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The themes for tonight’s NXT TakeOver are “Mariana Trench” by Nita Strauss, “A Wonderful Life” by Bring Me The Horizon, and “Voices” by Motionless In White. We see Strauss in the front row.

It’s time for War Games. The air raid siren plays and the cages begin lowering over the rings.

War Games
The Undisputed Era Vs. Pete Dunne, Ricochet, & War Raiders

Adam Cole is starting the match against Ricochet, after five minutes a member from Undisputed Era will enter the match. The match cannot officially begin until all eight men are in the ring.

The bell rings and both men are in different rings. They try to goad each other into joining the others and it’s Ricochet who makes the move. Cole attacks him as soon as he enters the ring and they trade shots in the corner. Ricochet catches Cole with a headscissors takedown, followed by a dropkick. Cole rolls to the other ring, so Ricochet follows.

Ricochet chops Cole and looks for a springboard RKO but Cole reverses into a backstabber! Cole punches Ricochet on the mat, as he clocks ticks down to the two minutes mark. Cole hits a neckbreaker and looks to launch Ricochet into the cage but the NA Champ climbs off his shoulders. Cole hits a brainbuster and throws Ricochet to the other ring, where he drops knees to the head. Cole then shoves Ricochet’s head against the steel cage and rakes it. Ricochet kicks Cole and shoves him back, before connecting with a front dropkick. Cole rolls back to the other ring, but this time Ricochet runs, springboards off of the ropes in one ring and lands a European uppercut to Cole in the other! 10 Seconds left!

Kyle O’Reilly is out for the Undisputed Era and he storms the ring. O’Reilly lands serious open palm strikes to Ricochet. Ricochet has to survive for three minutes until a teammate of his is released. Ricochet gets between the two ring and fends off both men with kicks and punches but then O’Reilly catches him with a Dragon Screw Whip against the ropes! Cole and O’Reilly beat on Ricochet and slow the pace. Ricochet tries to fight back but he gets superkicked by Cole, and then Cole lands an assisted brainbuster.

The clock counts down and Pete Dunne is about to be released but instead, Hanson comes out. The big man comes into the ring and takes out both Cole and O’Reilly, landing running crossbody’s and even dodging Adam Cole with a cartwheel. Hanson hits running clotheslines to Cole and O’Reilly in the corner, literally about eight times each. Hanson stacks them both in the same corner and hits an Bronco Buster! Ricochet rejoins Hanson. The big man kneels, so Ricochet can run off his back and hit a shooting star press to O’Reilly!

Cole hits Ricochet, then he and Cole take down Hanson. Ricochet chops Cole in the corner and the clock begins to tick down again. This time it’s Roderick Strong who joins the match. He comes in flying, chopping Ricochet and Hanson, then dropkicking the North American Champion. Roddy lands two flying knees in the corners, before two backbreakers to Ricochet, and a torture rack backbreaker! He looks for another flying knee to Hanson but the big man grabs him, but Cole kicks him in the head. O’Reilly kicks Hanson repeatedly, including an axe kick before Roddy lands an Angle Slam! The Undisputed Era are in form control as the fans chant their name.

It’s time for another guy to enter the fray, and once again Pete Dunne wants to but Rowe shoves him back and he runs down to the ring. Rowe takes everybody out with impressive striking until O’Reilly leaps onto his back with a sleeper hold. Cole runs at Rowe, who hits a Urinagi to Cole, with O’Reilly still on his back! Rowe then spins O’Reilly around into a power slam position, but Hanson places Strong on him for a powerbomb/powerslam combo to Strong and O’Reilly. The War Raiders start to descend upon Adam Cole, who backs-up and right into Ricochet. Cole tries to escape but Hanson and Rose lift him up and launch him into the cage like a lawn dart! Things slow down as we approach the final count on the clock.

Bobby Fish is released and, instead of coming down to the ring, he goes over to Pete Dunne’s cage and attacks Dunne! He uses his own padlock to double-lock Dunne, then throws the key away. Pete can’t get out and, as Ranallo points out, Dunne has to enter the match for it to officially start! Fish runs down to the ring but stops to grab weapons from underneath first. He hands four chairs into the ring, with Undisputed Era logos on them.

Fish, Strong, Cole, and O’Reilly land chair shots to everyone in the ring! Dunne is back on his feet and shaking the cage door. The Undisputed Era pose with their chairs before launching Hanson into the steel cage, and Rowe is smashed onto a chair via Roderick Strong. The foursome then launch Rowe into the cage with such force that it looked like it might break. O’Reilly and Fish maintain the attack on War Raiders, while Cole and Strong beat on Ricochet.

The clock counts down one last time but Dunne can’t be released. The referees try to open the lock but they can’t. Meanwhile, Undisputed Era are dominant in the ring. Strong hits a superplex to Hanson, while Fish hits one to Rowe on the other side of the ring. Cole stands on the top rope, facing Dunne, and talking trash. The referee’s come back out with bolt cutters and manage to free Dunne from the cage! Dunne makes his way down to the ring, but The Undisputed Era are blocking the cage door. Dunne grabs a Kendo stick from under the ring and beats them away from the door. He whacks the door against Strong, then goes back under and grabs more weapons. Ricochet jumps off of the top of the cage onto the foursome. The War Raiders are back on their feet as Dunne throws a trash can, then another, and two tables into the ring!

Dunne enters the match and the door is locked. Dunne beats Strong and O’Reilly with the Kendo stick, then Fish and Cole as well. War Raiders set up a table between the two rings, standing against the cage. Ricochet with a Kendo Stick, Dunne with a steel chain, and War Raiders with Kendo sticks, surround the foursome and unleash an attack! Dunne performs some joint manipulation to Kyle O’Reilly, while War Raiders beat on Strong. Cole manages to attack Dunne’s injured leg, then tosses Ricochet into the cage. Hanson and Rowe are the only men standing and they put a trash can onto Cole’s head. Rowe lifts Hanson and throws him onto Cole and the trash can. Rowe bodyslams Hanson onto O’Reilly, then they hit a springboard clothesline/German suplex to Strong. Fish breaks up the first pin attempt of the match.

War Raiders look to hit the same move to Fish but when Hanson jumps onto the middle rope he gets smashed with a trash can! O’Reilly and Fish double-team attack Rowe, and floor him with stereo kicks! Cole lands a backstabber to Ricochet, then Undisputed Era stalk Pete Dunne. They attack him like wolves but Dunne gets the better of them! He whips Roddy into the cage and catches him with a German suplex upon return. Dunne applies an ankle lock to Fish but O’Reilly breaks it up. O’Reilly looks to use the steel chain on Dunne but the Bruiserweight uses it to apply a kimura to O’Reilly. Fish hits Dunne with a chair to break the hold, then O’Reilly applies a Boston crab using the chain. Ricochet and the War Raiders are back on their feet but Cole, Strong, and Fish are holding them at bay in the other ring with steel chairs.

A brawl breaks out between the rings but Ricochet dives over them to attack O’Reilly and release Dunne from the hold. Strong hits Ricochet with a chair, but then gets back body dropped from one ring into the other! Hanson and Rowe lift O’Reilly and Strong onto the turnbuckles, but then Cole and Fish knock them off. Ricochet and Dunne then attack Fish and Cole, and go to the top rope with Strong and O’Reilly. Dunne hits Strong with a suplex, while Ricochet hits O’Reilly with a hurricanrana. War Raiders set up a second table inside the ring, while the other is still placed between the two rings. Hanson places Cole on the table but the legs gave out. So he pushed Cole off and reset it. Rowe lifts Cole between the two rings for a powerbomb through the table but Cole fights off. Rowe tosses Cole up in the air and Hanson catches him with a powerslam! Fish hits Rowe with a Kendo stick, then spears him through the table!

Inside the second ring, Cole lifts Ricochet onto the top rope and wants to superplex him through the table below. Ricochet slides out through and gets Cole in the tree of woe. Ricochet beats O’Reilly onto the announce table but then Strong knee’s the Champion in the head. O’Reilly grabs Ricochet in a triangle while still lying on the table. Hanson then scales the ropes and leaps with a splash to O’Reilly through the table! Strong hits Hanson with a trash can to break the pin attempt! Every man in the match is down.

Cole is the first man back to his feet and he starts to scale the cage – if he escapes his team loses. Ricochet climbs the cage and meets Cole up there. The two of them begin exchanging hands. Strong climbs up and tries to shove Ricochet off and to the floor. Ricochet fights him off and crawls backwards. Dunne attacks Cole on top of the cage, then O’Reilly joins Dunne on the rope, as does Rowe. So there’s three men on the top rope, one hanging from the cage, and Hanson, with Fish on his back, powerbombs all four men to the mat!

Everyone is down and out as Ricochet climbs to his feet on top of the cage. Every man on the ring gets to their feet and Ricochet leaps off with a rotating moonsault onto them! Every man is down!

Both teams take a ring and regroup together. The Undisputed Era lean against the ropes and stare at the four men in the other ring doing the same. All eight men stumble to the middle of the two rings and talk trash to each other. They all get into the middle and a huge brawl breaks out! The fans are going mad!

Rowe and Hanson attack Bobby Fish as every other man is down. They hit their finisher on him but then O’Reilly breaks it up. Strong and O’Reilly attack Hanson, but then he takes them both out with a handspring double back elbow! Yes you read that right. Ricochet springboards off of one ropes onto another then towards Cole, who catches him with a superkick in mid air. Cole then hits Dunne with a knee to the head, a brainbuster, and a running knee but Cole kicks out. Dunne hits Cole with the Bitter End, followed by Ricochet’s 450 splash. Ricochet and Dunne pin Cole together, and that’s it!

Winners: The War Raiders, Pete Dunne, & Ricochet

Ricochet and Pete Dunne are both given their respective belts and stare at each other, a look that says they have unfinished business with each other! We see replays of the best moments from the match. Ricochet and Dunne climb to the top of the cage and pose with their titles.

That’s it for tonight’s NXT TakeOver! Let us know what you thought of the show and remember to come back here tomorrow for Survivor Series! Until then, safe travels!

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