WWE NXT TakeOver: War Games II Results – November 17th, 2018

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Velveteen Dream is out first for the NXT Championship match, and he’s dressed like Hollywood Hulk Hogan!

NXT Championship Match

(C) Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Velveteen Dream

We’re underway and the fans are firmly behind the Dream. Collar and elbow tie-up and Dream forces Ciampa to the ropes for the break. They engage in some mat wrestling and Dream gets on the back of Ciampa and rides him like a horse for second, before slapping him in the back of the head.

They lock-up again and Dream forces him to the corner, this time Dream slaps him in the face. Ciampa kicks Dream and looks for The Fairytale Ending but Dream escapes. Ciampa manages to hold onto Dreams headband, then mocks him with it. Dream rolls from the ring to regroup. Well, two can play at that game, as Dream grabs the NXT Championship and parades it around. Ciampa chases him and they both get back into the ring and we have a stalemate.

Dream lands a right hand and a body slam before dancing in front of Ciampa. He hits a dropkick before yanking his head into the top rope. Dream follows-up with a axe handle, before putting his headband back on and doing a Hulk Hogan taunt. Dream hits a big boot, ala Hogan, and goes for the leg drop but Ciampa rolls from the ring. Dream takes no time though, as he goes to the top rope and hits Ciampa with a crossbody on the floor! Dream gets him back in the ring and looks for a springboard but Ciampa shoves him to the floor!

Ciampa beats on Dream on the floor before getting him back in the ring and stomping him down in the corner. Ciampa lands a running knee and Dream is KO’d. Ciampa then rolls backwards and slides on the mat the way Dream does. The fans boo. Ciampa then beats on Dream in the corner again. Velveteen rolls to the apron, where Ciampa pulls him by the hair and hits a neckbreaker over the ropes. Dream falls to the floor in front of the announce tables. Ciampa leaves the ring, slapping himself on the back.

Ciampa drapes Dream over the announce table and hits a running knee to the head. He gets Velveteen back into the ring and applies a sleeper hold. Dream struggles to his feet as the fans chant his name. Ciampa counters with a knee to the gut, then they exchange hands. Dream lands a nice neckbreaker to Ciampa and both men are down.

Dream connects with a running forearm, kip-up, and then multiple shoulder tackles. Ciampa kicks Dream, but he shrugs it off and points at him, ala Hogan. Dream this time hits the big boot, followed by the leg drop, and another, and another! Dream fires-up and gets Ciampa on his shoulders but the Champion slides off. Dream catches Ciampa  with a spinebuster for a near-fall. Tommaso leaves the ring and Dream hits a dive over the ropes onto him. Dream takes to the top rope, hoping to land his signature elbow, but Ciampa rolls across the ring. Ciampa throws him from the ring, but Dream grabs his brace leg and whacks it off of the apron. Dream takes Ciampa’s legs and performs a figure four leglock around the ringpost!

The referee left the ring to stop Dream, meanwhile Tommaso tapped inside the ring! The referee didn’t see it! They’re both back inside and Dream applies the figure four again. Ciampa crawls to the ropes but then Dream drags him back to the middle. Ciampa quickly reverses the pressure, but then it gets reversed back again! Finally, Ciampa gets to the ropes and both men are down.

Ciampa looks to suplex Dream but Velveteen reverses it and both men go flying over the top rope and to the floor! The referee counts and Ciampa takes his boot off, saying he’s injured. Dream gets up and is about to slide back into the ring around 7, when he realises he can’t win the title that way, so he throws Ciampa back in and slides in himself at 9. Both men trade shots in the centre of the ring, Dream almost hits the referee, but Ciampa takes advantage and rolls him up and holds the tights. But the referee caught the cheating. The referee and Ciampa are arguing when Dream superkicks Ciampa, then hits the Rolling Death Valley Driver for a near-fall!

Dream picks Ciampa up and looks to hit another Driver but the Champion fights off. Dream springboards but Ciampa catches him with a knee in mid-air for a near-fall. The Champion hits Project Ciampa but the Dream kicks out! Ciampa then leaves the ring and grabs the NXT Championship. He gets into the ring with the belt but the referee stops him from using it. Dream then connects with the rolling DDT onto the title belt for a near-fall! Dream takes to the top rope for the elbow drop but Ciampa gets his foot up. Ciampa hits the draping DDT to Dream but it’s a two count again! Ciampa can’t believe it!

Ciampa leaves the ring and rips up the floor padding. He then drapes Dream across the apron, looking to hit his DDT onto the concrete! Dream however climbs own and runs the Champion over the announce table! They’re both down on the floor behind the table, while the referee counts! Ciampa gets to his feet and hits Mauro Ranallo! Everyone’s distracted by that, but then Dream grabs Ciampa and hits the Rolling Death Valley Driver on the floor! He tosses Ciampa back in the ring, goes up top, and hits the Purple Rainmaker but Ciampa kicks out. The Champion rolls to the apron, so Dream immediately runs to the top rope, and looks for the Purple Rainmaker on the apron but Ciampa moves and Dream crashes to the floor! Ciampa quickly gets him back in the ring, then drapes him for the DDT between the two rings, and lands it on the exposed steel, and that’s all she wrote!

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa has retained the title again and both men are lying in crumpled messes on the mat.

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