James Ellsworth Pulled From Another Upcoming Multi-Media Event

James Ellsworth appears to be losing even more appearances after allegations came out yesterday that he sent explicit photos and videos to a 16-year-old girl. His own podcast was canceled and he was fired from Grim’s Toy Show and now it looks another event is no longer going to host Ellsworth.

Why It Ended with Robie E is becoming one of the most popular podcasts in the Internet Wrestling Community. They allow their guests to dive into their careers on a weekly basis and most people disclose things you never heard before. The idea of James Ellsworth showing up on Why It Ended to shoot on WWE sounded like a great idea, but then the allegations came out about him on Friday and that changed.

The Why It Ended podcast is planning a big event at Jimmy’s Seafood but James Ellsworth won’t be there. Instead, Gillberg will be taking his place for the show.

Ellsworth has denied the allegations against him and his attorneys have called the allegations baseless, but we can’t blame him for not wanting to go out into public right now.