Vince McMahon had had a lot of great ideas when running WWE, but creating Ted DiBiase in his own image as a flashy rich man willing to buy anything to make it easier for himself could have been one of his greatest. McMahon went all-out with the Million Dollar Man character as well and even made sure he kept up the gimmick outside of the ring.
DiBiase recently spoke to Apter Chat where he explained that the legends of him carrying around thousands of dollars of Vince McMahon’s money to spend in a flashy fashion were all too real.

“When Vince laid this thing down for me and talked about it, you know they came out and they presented me with $2,000 in brand new hundred-dollar bills and Vince said, ‘This is your flashing cash. Here’s what I want you to do, now if you abuse it, you lose it. You have to pick your spots. But for example, you go someplace to eat and you don’t want to do this to the most expensive restaurant in Manhattan on Friday night when the place is packed. But pick your spot, stand up and announce yourself and tell everybody that it’s their lucky day because you’re picking up the tab. If you can have Virgil with you and have Virgil go around and pick up everybody’s check. You slap down the $100 bills, bring the receipt to us and we will replenish the money.'”
“It’s marketing he was marketing the character is what Vince was doing. So there were times when I would do things like that.”

DiBiase said he once told Ric Flair while they were out that the difference between them is that Flair is spending his own money while Ted was spending McMahon’s.
On that note, if you were ever out to eat one day and Ted DiBiase got up and announced that he was buying everyone’s dinner, drop us a line because we would love to hear that story.
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