How AJ Styles Could Still Wrestle At WWE Survivor Series

AJ Styles was all set to face Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series in a champion vs champion match. But then Daniel Bryan won the title on the go-home SmackDown Live and turned heel at the same time. Now Bryan is facing Lesnar in a match with no build and Styles is off the show.

Dave Scherer speculated on PW Insider Elite audio that Styles could still work the Survivor Series event, but another change will still need to be made by WWE.

“The way they did the angle last night it looks like [AJ Styles] won’t be appearing at Survivor Series unless they add him to the team I guess somehow. But it is what it is and I guess if you’re going to appear and lose to Brock you’re better off not appearing but again, I think it stinks to end his title flukey like that, his title reign. But hey, when you don’t plan ahead that sometimes means you need to do that stuff.”

“As crazy as a lot of it was in the end, it could all work out if they just follow the path and take it the right way. I hope they do and I hope that’s how it all shakes out.”

AJ Styles isn’t going away so quickly. If anything, he might have a bone to pick with Daniel Bryan. So he’s likely going to be factored into the WWE storyline for SmackDown Live, but only time will tell if we will see Styles actually work the big LA event on Sunday.

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