WWE 2K19 “Titans Pack” DLC Gets Release Date

WWE 2K19 has widely been regarded as the best video game WWE has been associated with in years. 2K have addressed many of the issues the community has had throughout the past few years. While the game certainly still attracts criticism in certain areas, the general consensus seems to be more positive.

That brings us to today, as 2K Games have revealed that the first official DLC pack will be the “Titans Pack” and is due for release on November 20. That is this coming Tuesday. The pack includes NXT Superstars The War Raiders, EC3, and RAW’s Bobby Lashley.

You can also see reactions from the announcement from several WWE Superstars and personalities below:

Which of these Superstars are you most excited to play as? Are there any Superstars you hope make it into the game next year? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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