Jim Ross Says Goodbye To Three Terrific Years Of His Career

Jim Ross is a WWE Hall Of Famer for a reason and even if WWE wasn’t willing to put his vocal and announcing abilities on television on a regular basis, AXS TV and New Japan Pro Wrestling has been his home for the past three years. But WWE wouldn’t let JR sign a new deal with AXS which is up in January, and since JR’s contract with WWE is up in April it looks like he’ll soon be a totally free agent.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that both Jim Ross and Josh Barnett are likely out of the picture for AXS TV and New Japan. At this point, they might just bring in their pay-per-view announce team or simply use that commentary.

But today was the final day of commentary recordings for Jim Ross and Barnett and the WWE Hall Of Fame sent out a bittersweet message about another chapter closing in his amazing career.

“Daunting Day in LA ⁩with my AXS TV contract ending & saying adios to friends. 3 terrific years of my career.”

It will be interesting to see where Jim Ross ends up next. With him opening himself up to anything it seems like he could be preparing for something bigger. If I were a betting man Good Ole JR knows exactly what he’s doing, he’s just letting us in on it just yet.